What is Zhua Zhou?

“Zhua Zhou” (抓周) is a traditional Chinese ceremony celebrated on a child’s first birthday, typically occurring on their Lunar calendar birthday. This ceremony, also known as the “grabbing the item ceremony,” holds great cultural significance in Chinese tradition. It is believed to predict the child’s future talents, interests, and career path.

During the Zhua Zhou ceremony, various symbolic items and objects are placed in front of the child. These items often include a pen, a book, money, a toy, a bowl of rice, a thread, and so on. Each item represents a different aspect of life or a potential future path for the child. The child is then encouraged to pick up one of these items.

The Zhua Zhou ceremony is a cherished tradition in Chinese culture, celebrating the child’s first year of life and looking forward to their future. It reflects the deep importance placed on education, career, and the well-being of children in Chinese families.

What to expect?

Ritual Preparation

We understand that parents may be unfamiliar with the customs and preparations, so we take care of almost everything for you. From costumes to accessories, we provide free rentals for both adults and babies, ensuring a stress-free experience.

Preparation Time

Upon arrival, we encourage the baby to rest while the mother prepares for the session. This allows both the baby and the mother to be comfortable and relaxed before we begin.

Session Start

The photoshoot will commence approximately 30-40 minutes after your arrival. We want to ensure that everyone is settled and ready to capture these special moments.

Detailed Explanation

Throughout the photoshoot, our dedicated host will guide you through every step of the ritual, explaining each detail along the way. Whether it’s the significance of specific items or the cultural traditions involved, we want you to fully understand and appreciate the ceremony.

Graduation Ceremony

After the ritual, we will hold a memorable graduation ceremony to mark this special milestone in your baby’s life. As a token of this beautiful celebration, we will present you with a certificate, commemorating the occasion and your baby’s growth.

When should you book the zhua zhou ritual shoot?

To capture the ritual for your baby, it’s best to schedule the shoot when they are around 11 months old but no later than their first lunar birthday. This timing ensures that you can capture the ceremony while your baby is still an active participant. Be sure to book in advance to secure your preferred date.

What if my baby is older than 1 year old?

Not a problem at all! We welcome babies up to 15 months old to experience the Zhua Zhou ritual with us. Whether your baby is just over a year old or approaching their 15th month, we’re here to help you celebrate this special milestone. Our goal is to create beautiful memories and meaningful traditions for your family, regardless of your baby’s age within this range.

What are the services available for the zhua zhou ritual?

Both packages are designed to cater to your preferences, whether you prefer an intimate studio setting or a lively celebration with friends and family. We’re here to make your Zhua Zhou experience special and memorable.


  • Join us at our studio where parents and baby can enjoy the ritual in a comfortable and dedicated setting.
  • We take care of almost everything for parents, ensuring a hassle-free and memorable experience.


  • Bring the Zhua Zhou ritual to your party and celebrate this important milestone with friends and relatives.
  • We will set up the Zhua Zhou ritual at your chosen location, allowing your friends and relatives to be part of the ceremony and bless the baby.

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